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Diving Art Limited is a unique on line gallery that deals specifically
with the supply of collectable fine art diving prints, printed diving canvasses,
Bronze diving sculptures, and unique diving clothing.

This virtual gallery was created by Alan “Nutty” Carr
An Ex-North Sea Diver, who has spent most of his diving career
depicting the world of diving in his unique works of art.

If you are a diver or just enjoy collecting diving memorabilia,
Then this site is the place for you. We have a virtual gallery of individual
lithograph diving prints, diving canvasses, Bronze diving sculptures,
and diving clothing, all depicting different diving scenes throughout the ages.

All works of art are signed by the artist himself,
And the Limited Bronze Sculptures come with a  certificate of authenticity.

All prints are printed on a heavy duty quality paper, and the canvasses
are printed on a very durable long lasting hessian cloth.

If you are looking for diving memorabilia that is destined to become collectable
then look no further.
All works of art displayed on this site are the Copyrite of
Diving Art Limited, and should not be reproduced in any
way without the artists permission

                       We Offer

Historical diving prints & Canvasses
Commercial diving prints & Canvasses

Siebe Gorman diving prints & Canvasses

Solid cast bronze diving sculptures

The Artist will also take one off commissions on any art work
or sculptures whether diving related or none diving related,
please contact the artist "Alan Carr" at, 







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