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Alan Carr   "Diving Arts Artist and Sculptor"  

Hello and welcome to my website, I would like to begin my introduction by telling you a little about myself and how I decided to create "Diving Arts". As a child I noticed that i had a natural talent for both art work and also sculpting, at school I excelled in art, unfortunately it was pretty much the only subject that I did excel in !!!. After leaving School with very little qualifications, I joined the Royal Navy at the age of 16 as a Royal Navy Clearance Diver, and had a very successful career during this period, the Royal Navy also gave me a great education that I had not achieved during my school years. During my service n the Royal Navy it was noticed that i was very good at art, I was constantly asked to produce art work for the Royal Navy, one Diving Team T-Shirt that i drew in the  70's still exists to this day, it proved so popular that I have been asked to reproduce it for the generation of today, some of you may even remember it

"Old Divers never Die"  "They just smell that way " 

Upon completing my Royal Navy service I left to travel to the North Sea to become a commercial Saturation diver. Once again I had a long successful career, being promoted from Diver to Supervisor and eventually to a manager, managing the Largest saturation diving vessel in the world  the  "DEEP ARCTIC" not bad for a young lad who left school with just a clip round the ear !!!  
Once again during my commercial diving career I produced many pieces of art work, ranging from sculptures, drawings, paintings, to my legendary "Caricatures" which I am sure some of you out there have been the brunt of in past years !!!!. 

So there comes a time when you have to retire from a job that at the end of the day is both very physically and mentally demanding. I had decided many years ago that when I did end my diving career I would concentrate on my art work and progress with something else that I truly loved, My Art !!. As I have said I have always loved both Art and Diving, so it seemed only natural to combine the two. I have only recently set up my all new web site, so I will be constantly adding to it on a regular basis. I plan to create many fine Solid Bronze divers, the first three being,

The Clearance Diver  (Now Available)     
The Commercial Diver (Now Available)
The Standard Diver (In Production)

Following these there will be a number of dioramas of divers working on the seabed carrying out various tasks. Plus a number of fine diving related prints both on cartridge paper and canvass, I think that what will make my art work so unique is that it will be produced by a time served diver who has got an eye for detail, having done the job myself. Plus as a talking point about my work, some of you might even be able to say that you actually knew me, whether that is good or bad I will let you tell the tale !!!  

So that is a little bit about my background, I do hope that you enjoy my "Diving Arts" virtual gallery, and as I say it is new and will grow as the years progress.

Best Regards

Alan "Nutty" Carr

Personal Art Commissions

Although Diving Arts is predominantly based on Diving sculptures and prints, the artist "Alan Carr" will take on any personal art requests. Nothing is to much from small items to very large, from sculptures to canvasses, here is a picture of Alan Carr completing a painting of "Marc Bolan" of "T-Rex" fame commissioned by a customer. Alan is also an excellent caricaturist, so if you want a unique caricature of a loved one dressed in diving equipment, get in touch. For any personal art requests please contact Alan on the following email.

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